Cauliflower Crust Pizza | Gluten-Free Options In DeLand

If you’re looking for Gluten-Free Pizza in DeLand, we have a new Cauliflower Pizza Base option for you! This Cauliflower base is not only healthy, but it’s also thin and crispy too. The perfect Pizza option for our Gluten-Free guests. Make any of our traditional or artisanal Pizza’s Gluten-Free by adding only $1.50 for this new Cauliflower Crust base.

The flavour difference of this Cauliflower crust base compared to a regular pizza base is almost unnoticeable. The texture is light, thin and crispy. A lot of our guests actually prefer this option, even if they aren’t allergic to Gluten.

If you’re in DeLand, stop on by and pick up a Gluten Free Pizza to go, or dine in and get the full experience where one of our servers can tell you more about these amazing Cauliflower Crust Pizzas.